How to make Mass Gainer

How to make Mass Gainer.

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As weird as it may sound, gaining weight is actually a goal some people struggle with. This is because they strive to gain muscle mass and not just fat. Since there is a market for people who want to increase their weight there are now over 100 different mass gainers on the market. These come in different flavors with different formulas that help hard gainers reach their goal weight faster. Body builders, athletes, and other people living active lifestyles all find some benefit from mass gainers.

The problem with mass produced mass gainers, however, is the additives. There are a few that have added sugar or use ingredients that people have never heard of. This is off-putting, especially for the health conscious. The great thing about these supplements is you can easily learn how to make mass gainer at home with ingredients you approve of.

Important Ingredients and Their Purpose

Concocting your own mass gainer will require you to buy a few things. Here are the most common ingredients used in homemade mass gainers and what they provide your body:

Protein Powder

This is a must-have ingredient for every mass gainer because protein helps to rebuild muscles faster and stronger. There are different types of protein powders from different sources so you can choose which ones work the best for your body and your diet. This may require you to experiment with the kind of protein powder, but once you find one that works, stick with it!

Getting a good mix of fast and slow absorbing proteins is a good idea, so you should consider that when shopping for this first ingredient.

Uncooked, Dry Oats

Your DIY mass gainer will need a source of complex carbs and oats are the way to go. It is healthy, contains fiber to help lower bad cholesterol levels, and the beta-glucan found in dry oats also helps to strengthen the immune system. All of these benefits from one cup of oats in your mass gainer means it is also a key ingredient. Plus, it will keep you full for longer.

Peanut Butter – Natural And Organic Is Better

To give your homemade mass gainer a boost of calories a spoonful of peanut butter is recommended. Peanut butter also contains a lot of protein and a delicious taste. Peanut butter also has the ability to keep you feeling full for longer which stops you from consuming empty calories. However, don’t be too generous with this ingredient though because too much can lead to an increase in body fat.


Bananas have a remarkable ability to satisfy hunger because of the soluble fiber they contain. Add the fact that they contain potassium, which keeps your electrolyte levels in check, and it is a great addition to add to your mass gainer.

Coconut Oil

How to make mass gainer that is capable of increasing your metabolism? Simply add a tablespoon of coconut oil and the medium chain triglyceride contained in the ingredient will do that for you!


Our bloodstream contains around 30-35% of L-Glutamine and excessive training can result in 40% L-glutamine reduction, which causes “overtraining syndrome.” Adding this to your mass gainer helps minimize muscle breakdown while also improving the body’s capability to metabolize protein. All are great qualities for a homemade mass gainer ingredient.


If you’ve hung around body builders for a while the word “creatine” is one you will hear often. This is one of the most popular products within the community and is proven effective for helping you increase size, endurance, and strength. Adding this to your mass gainer allows you to add more reps to your routine without feeling strain and fatigue in your muscles. With time and constant consumption of creatine you develop better strength and a larger size, things that all body builders aim for.

Mixing And Matching

The ingredients listed above are just those most commonly used in how to make mass gainer recipes you can do at home. Of course, you can add some of your favorite ingredients providing they are beneficial to your weight gaining goal. It takes a few experiments and some trial and error until you perfect the recipe that works best for your taste and your needs. If at first you fail, keep trying until you get it right. Once you get the hang of it, you can customize the components based on your needs.

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